Valerie KWAN

Honours Student

Email: e0014985(AT)


I’m a final-year student majoring in Environmental Studies. My current research interests include marine biology, ecology and blue carbon. Previously, I did a UROPS project on the diversity and phylogeny of Lobophora macroalgae in Singapore.

Honours Project

Traditionally, coastal carbon sequestration is assessed based on mangroves, salt marshes, and seagrass meadows. However, macroalgae is widely abundant, and therefore have much greater biomass. Macroalgae could potentially account for an important part of the blue carbon equation. My final year project aims to investigate the contribution of macroalgae to blue carbon along Singapore's coastal environment.

Considering how blue carbon is a critical component of nature-based climate change solutions, it is hoped that this project will provide a baseline for future in-depth studies on macroalgae carbon budget to inform management decisions.