Samuel DIONG

Honours Student

Email: e0540513(AT)


I am a final year Life Sciences student specialising in Environmental Biology. I have a strong interest in the marine environment and love to find out more about anything marine related. I have always been interested in the natural world but my interest in the marine environment soared after diving for the first time. I had done a project working on marine zooplankton and studied the temporal and spatial distribution in correlation with size classes and is now working on polyclad flatworms.

Honours Project

Polyclads are free-living marine flatworms that are found globally. They come in all sorts of colours from the dull colours for camouflage to the very vibrant aposematic colours. They are largely split into two large groups, Acotylea (without suckers) and Cotylea (with suckers). However, their phylogeny and systematics are still not very well studied. This study aims to provide further clarification to the phylogeny of Polycladida.