PhD Candidate
Department of Biological Sciences
Jan 2020 – Present


Academic History

B. Sc. (Hons) in Life Sciences, specializing in Environmental Biology (NUS, 2017)
B. Soc. Sci (Hons) in Geography (NUS, 2017)

Bio and Research Interests

For many in this line of work, marine biology is their raison d’être. I must admit however (and perhaps, unabashedly so) that for me, I so happened to stumble upon Marine Biology during my Honours days here at Reef Ecology Lab. My project explored the genetic connectivity of the onch slug Peronia verruculata using mitochondrial markers, and in doing so, I stumbled upon an unexpected and what could possibly be a cryptic species complex of Peronia in Singapore. That has since blossomed into a keen interest towards integrating both molecular and traditional taxonomic approaches to species complexes and delimitations. Now that I am back as a Graduate Student with the lab, I seek to explore the genetic connectivity of other marine fauna here in Singapore as well, and who knows? I might just stumble upon other interesting finds soon enough!