Welcome to the Reef Ecology Lab

Our research focuses on the diversity, ecology and restoration of coral reef ecosystems in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. We are interested in understanding the diversity of corals and reef-associated organisms using integrative molecular, morphological and phylogenetic methods. Ecological studies of reef organisms employ a variety of survey techniques as well as field and ex situ experiments. Our objective is to apply this research to support coral reef restoration and integrated coastal management.

Professor Chou Loke Ming started the Herpetology Lab in 1977 when he first joined the University. By 1986, his research interest had shifted to coral reef ecology, so the lab became the Reef Ecology Lab, and his research team became known as the Reef Ecology Study Team. The lab transformed into the Marine Biology Lab with a broader research scope in 2003, under additional guidance first by Dr. Ruth O’Riordan, and later by Dr. Peter Todd. In 2012, the Reef Ecology Lab was re-established with a renewed focus on coral reef ecology, evolution and conservation. Professor Chou retired in October 2014, but continues to support the group as NUS Emeritus Professor.