Rochelle CHAN

Research Assistant

Part-time (MSc.) Student

Email: rochelle(AT)

Research Interests

Aquatic Ecology, Reef Ecology

Current Project

Genetic Community of Fish Communities in Singapore

This project aims to determine the genetic connectivity and parentage linkages of selected fish species. Both larval and adult fish specimens (i.e., from taxa with limited home ranges to broadly distributed taxa) would be sampled. This project also aims to synthesise source-sink relationships between sites and habitats and construct connectivity matrices based on parentage links and genetic connectivity data.

Academic and Employment History

B.Sc. with Honours (Distinction) in Life Sciences (Specialisation: Environmental Biology), National University of Singapore: 2014 – 2018
Research Assistant, National University of Singapore, Freshwater & Invasion Biology Laboratory (FIB): 2019 – 2021
Project Manager, Coastal & Marine and Centre for Urban Greenery & Ecology, National Parks Board: 2021 – 2022