PhD Student, Department of Biological Sciences (2015 - 2019)
Main Supervisor: Dr. Peter Todd
Co-Supervisor: Prof. Chou Loke Ming

Email: rcpdu(at); rosswell_0523(at)

Research Interests

Environmental management, reef restoration, coral reef ecology, and coral physiological responses

Current Project

Enhancing Singapore's Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port

As Singapore lies close to the Coral Triangle, coral reefs occur within its port waters, subject to heavy shipping traffic. In spite of this, 255 species of corals are present representing a third of Earth’s reef coral species richness. This project explores concepts for sustainable port development in relation to reef management in the Port of Singapore.

Overall goals:
(1) Establish protocols and parameters to support management decisions on coral relocation and restoration.
(2) Establish ‘new’ reefs and improve degraded reefs using transplanted coral fragments.
(3) Engage NGOs and the public in the management, maintenance, protection and monitoring of restored reefs.

Academic History and Awards

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, University of San Carlos, Cebu, Philippines: 1999-2003

Master of Science in Environmental Management, ASEAN Graduate Scholarship Recipient, NUS - School of Design and Environment: 2012-2013

Doctor of Philosophy, TMSI Research Scholarship Recipient, NUS - Department of Biological Sciences: Starting Semester 2, AY 2014-2015

Research Work Experiences

Research Assistant, Experimental Marine Ecology Laboratory, NUS - Department of Biological Sciences: 2010-2011
Research Projects Involved:

  • Environmental Controls of Coral Growth
  • Effects of Turbidity on Seagrass
  • Enhancing Biodiversity through Artificial Substrates
  • Comparing Benthic Community Composition between Artificial seawalls and Natural Rocky Shores

Research Assistant (Part time), "Effects of Vessel-generated Waves on selected Coral and Seagrass species in Singapore", DHI Water and Environment Singapore: 2012-2013

Research Assistant, "Enhancing Singapore's Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port", Reef Ecology Laboratory, NUS - Tropical Marine Science Institute: March 2013 - Jan 2015