LEE Li Ying Nicole

Honours Student (Alumna)

Email: e0002343(AT)u.nus.edu


My project involves examining the diversity of marine fungi in Singapore, primarily seagrass-associated fungi which can influence the survivability and performance of their hosts. Fungi are well-studied in terrestrial environments, where they have been shown to play major roles in the ecosystem. However, less is known about marine fungi, which are likely to be as important as their terrestrial counterparts. Using DNA metabarcoding techniques to identify species present in fungal communities collected from seagrass samples, I hope to compare the composition of different fungal communities associated with various sections of seagrass, and more importantly, those from different sites around Singapore. This may prove useful in seagrass restoration projects, where differences in fungal communities between the original and transplant sites may affect the survivability of transplanted seagrasses.