LOKE Hai Xin

Research Assistant (Alumnus)

Past Project

Enhancing Singapore’s Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port

Singapore’s coral reef habitat has been impacted mainly by habitat loss (through reclamation and coastal morphology change) and degradation (heavy sedimentation load). Over 60% of Singapore’s reefs have been reclaimed, and a gradual loss of live coral cover together with growth zone reduction have been recorded since the 1960s. Marine environment utilization remains heavy and there is a need to examine approaches that not only minimize coral reef degradation but also enhance coral establishment in Singapore’s degraded reefs and non-reef areas.

The main objective is to improve scientific understanding of the long-term processes necessary for the development of restored reefs, thus enabling sustainable management solutions to be implemented.

History and Research Interests

BSc (Hons) in Marine Science (Marine Biology), National University of Malaysia (UKM), 2007 - 2010.

MSc in Marine Sience, National University of Malaysia (UKM), 2011 - 2013.
Thesis: Growth Study Of Branching Coral Acropora formosa (Dana 1846) In Peninsular Malaysia Waters.

I am interested in researching topics relating to corals and reefs, which leads me to be enthusiastic in investigating ways to conserve/restore/rehabilitate them. I am always keen to go out into the field to work closely with the subjects.