Edwin TAN

Honours Student

Email: e0004003(AT)u.nus.edu

Honours Project

My project aims to assess giant clam species with respect to their evolutionary and functional diversity to highlight unique lineages for preservation. Giant clams face many threats that range from habitat loss to overexploitation, yet not much focus has been placed in identifying and conserving rare species. Using genome skimming methods and functional trait data from existing literature, I will analyse the evolutionary distinctiveness of giant clam species in conjunction with their contributions to ecological functioning. Through this integrative assessment, it is hoped that future efforts can be better managed to preserve lineages that are endangered and functionally significant to coral reef ecosystems.


I am an undergraduate student specialising in Environmental Biology as part of the Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme. I have always been intrigued by the biodiversity in our oceans and learning to scuba dive in recent years has deepened my interest in marine ecology. I hope to contribute to our understanding of marine ecosystems and conservation in time to come.