Daisuke TAIRA

Research Assistant (2014-2017)

Email: tmsdt(at)nus.edu.sg

Current Project

Enhancing Singapore's Coral Reef Ecosystem in a Green Port

Academic History

BSc (Hons) Ecological Science (Conservation and Ecological Management), University of Edinburgh, 2008-2012

MSc Marine Environmental Management, University of York, 2012-2013
Thesis: The future effect of ocean acidification on the aquaculture industry in Japan

Research Interests

Coral Reef Rehabilitation, Coral Reef Ecology, Coastal Management and Conservation, Fisheries Ecology and Climate Change

I have a wide range of interests in marine environmental management and conservation, particularly related to human activities such as coastal development and fisheries as well as climate change. I am also quite interested in Southeast Asia as a region where demands on marine resources have been increasingly intensified with rapid development of the countries within the region, which in turn have to be managed very carefully to allow development and conservation to coexist. The current project is providing us a great opportunity to examine the feasibility of coral reef restoration in heavily-modified Singapore port waters.