Astri Noorbaini Bte Samsuri

Honours Student (Alumna)

Email: a0114030(AT)

Honours Project

My project is aimed at understanding the commensal relationship between the Trapezia crabs and their host corals, Pocillopora damicornis. These crabs are known to help defend the corals against the vicious corallivores Drupella rugosa, a marine snail. Thus, my research will be focusing on quantifying the effectiveness of these crabs in defending the corals from the Drupella attacks. This would be a step forward in terms of coral conservation as the success rate of coral transplantation may be greatly increased if commensal organisms like the Trapezia crabs are transplanted together.


I am an undergraduate pursuing the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) and am specialising in Biology. I have always been interested in the marine ecosystem since I was little and it is my dream to pursue marine biology and marine conservation in the future.