Ywee Chieh TAY

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PI: Rudolf Meier (Evolutionary Biology Lab)

Email: yweechieh(at)nus.edu.sg

Curriculum vitae

Research Interests

I am interested in various aspects of molecular ecology, particularly in population genetics, and the discovery, conservation, and assessment of biodiversity. In recent years, I have been exploring these aspects with the power of high-throughput DNA sequencing. I also have a keen interest in developing molecular methods to enhance research in these areas.

Population genetics/genomics
Landscapes worldwide have changed drastically due to human development. My research focus takes a comparative approach to assess anthropogenic impacts on the fine-scale population genetics of different taxon groups across different habitats and life histories. Although my research thus far has mainly been localised to Singapore, the patterns observed across habitats and life histories will contribute towards a more comprehensive understanding of fine-scale marine population dynamics.

Biodiversity discovery, conservation & assessment
In order to manage biodiversity, it is necessary to first know the existing flora and fauna. DNA barcoding is an efficient method to make a first assessment of species diversity and composition. I have been involved in several DNA barcoding projects, which contribute to building a DNA database documenting the diverse tropical flora and fauna in Singapore. Such databases are crucial to biomonitoring methods of the future, one of which is the metabarcoding of environmental DNA — a non-invasive way to assess biodiversity, and monitor specific species of interest, such as invasive species.

Academic History

PhD, National University of Singapore (2012)
Dissertation: Connectivity of Coral Populations within the Singapore Strait
Received the World Future Foundation PhD Prize in Environmental Sustainability Research

BSc (First Class Hons), National University of Singapore (2006)