Samuel CHAN

Research Assistant

Email: dbscyks(AT)

Honours Project

I investigated the biodiversity of intertidal echinoderms and the characteristics of the environment they were found in, with two main focal areas. First, I identified intertidal echinoderms on the shores of Singapore, quantifying their diversity and abundance. Then, I quantified the habitat characteristics and ontogenetic shift of Archaster typicus, as one representative of the echinoderm population in Singapore.

This will ideally be used to identify habitats of interest for conservation of echinoderms, many of which are threatened in Singapore. The high diversity of echinoderms and their presence in a large variety of marine ecosystems highlight their importance, with many species playing important roles in shaping ecological consequences, especially within coral reef habitats.


I am a graduate of the Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme at the National University of Singapore. My areas of interest revolve largely around the ecology of our intertidal and marine biodiversity, and the use of these to aid in conservation of these species and habitats within Singapore.