Samuel CHAN

PhD Student

Email: e0223145(AT)


I graduated from the Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the National University of Singapore in 2016. My research interests lie in intertidal and subtidal ecology, focussing on quantifying and examining spatial and temporal changes in coral species assemblages. My honours thesis looked at the spatial and temporal differences in Archaster typicus in Singapore.

Current Research

My current research will seek to investigate the geological and ecological history of coral reefs in Singapore. This will involve coring coral reefs to examine the changes in the reef profiles through time, using carbon dating and changes in coral assemblages. I will also be comparing the current state of the coral reefs with the coral cores to track the changes to the reef over time, identifying if any significant or major events had impacts on them.

This will give us a better understanding of the coral reefs that were present previously and the environmental conditions that the reefs existed in. These can then help to predict future effects of development and to also guide restoration and conservation efforts.