OH Ren Min

Honours Student

Email: oh.renmin(AT)u.nus.edu


I am a final-year Environmental Biology major from the Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme. My interests are in molecular approaches and phylogenetics, applied within marine conservation and policy planning. I did an undergraduate research project previously, establishing the diversity and distribution of Corallimorpharia (Anthozoa: Cnidaria) in Singapore using morphology and phylogeny.


Microbes play a fundamental role in reef health and are highly sensitive to environmental change. Little is known about reef microbial diversity in Singapore despite extensive marine biodiversity surveys. Benthic and sub-bottom reef environments are also unexplored locally and understudied globally. Consequently, their associated microbial communities, which mediate key biogeochemical processes, are poorly understood. For my honours project, I will be identifying the microbial communities associated with benthic and sub-bottom reef environments of Singapore using intertidal reef cores and Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures. All microbial DNA extracted from sediment samples will be analysed with high-throughput sequencing techniques to establish community composition among various sites and core depth. I hope findings will provide new insight into the reef microbiome, enabling a more comprehensive prediction of reef health response to climate change.