Live firing islands
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Includes Pulau Sudong, P. Pawai, P. Senang, P. Biola and P. Salu.
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(c) Reef Ecology Study Team, NUS Island Description

Administration Ministry of Defence (MINDEF)
Description These islands are used for aerial live-firing exercises. Need permit to land on islands, restricted access during live firing exercises.
Not much is known about the coral reefs around these islands as access is restricted. However, Pulau Salu (which was previously outside of the zone) has been studied extensively in the early 70s. Coral reef life was found to be rich . Volunteer divers surveyed Pulau Sudong in the late 1980s - they found the coral reef to be good, probably because there was minimal coastal development on the island.

Reclaimed from 7 smaller islands- Pulau Ayer Chawan, Pulau Ayer Merbau, Pulau Merlimau, Pulau Pesek, Pulau Pesek Kecil, Pulau Sakra and Pulau Seraya in 1991 to house petrochemical complexes. Most of coral reefs lost through land reclamation.
Transplant project to save coral carried out in 1995, corals moved to Sentosa.
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